What Happens if You’re a Minor Caught Driving Drunk in Atlanta?

What Happens if You’re a Minor Caught Driving Drunk in Atlanta?
What Happens to a Minor Caught Driving Drunk? | DUI Attorney Atlanta

Everybody knows the legal drinking age in this country is 21. If someone under 21 decides to drink alcohol, they’ll have to face the consequences. The courts aren’t naïve. They know that minors drink – more than they should. This is why there are laws to address the issue of minors drinking and driving.

Young people aren’t supposed to drink. There’s a reason why the legal drinking age is 21. The law doesn’t trust that young people are able to handle the effects of alcohol. They also don’t trust that people under 21 know how to handle themselves when they’re drinking alcohol.

This is why the law for DUI by minors is so strict. The legal limit for DUI in Georgia is .08. However, for minors, this amount is lowered to just .02. Many states make the legal limit 0. They don’t tolerate any amount of alcohol in your system. In Georgia, however, the courts believe there has to be some accounting for things like mouthwash and gum. This is why there is an allowance for .02. Just in case something other than alcohol is in the minor’s system.

If your teenager has been arrested and charged with DUI in Atlanta, they’ll be facing some serious penalties. In fact, a conviction for DUI at a young age can destroy their life. It’s important that you call a DUI lawyer in Atlanta right away.

What are the Laws in Atlanta for DUI by Minors?

It’s illegal to drive in Atlanta if you’ve been drinking or using drugs. It doesn’t matter how old you are. Obviously, if you’re under 21, you’re not supposed to drink at all. However, the legal system accepts that some young people are going to drink alcohol. However, the law is strict enough to discourage this kind of behavior.

For most people, the legal drinking limit is .08. This means that, when you take a breathalyzer test, you can’t blow .08 or higher. If you do, you’ll be arrested and charged with DUI. For some people, this means anything more than a few beers can put you over the legal limit. So, when you consider how low the legal limit is for minors – at just .02 – any drinking at all can put them over the limit.

The law understands how important it is that young people be discouraged from drinking and driving. That is why they’ve set the legal limit so low for minors. Just one beer or shot could put someone over the legal limit of .02.

If Your Minor is Arrested for DUI – They Need to Do Their 30-Day Letter

When your teen is pulled over for DUI, the cops are going to ask them to perform a field sobriety test If they don’t perform well on this test, they’ll be asked to take a breathalyzer test. If they refuse to do so, their driver’s license will be automatically suspended for up to one (1) year. The same thing will happen if they fail the breathalyzer test.

The minor’s license will actually be confiscated at the time of their arrest. The DMV will be advised to automatically suspend their license. They do have a chance to appeal this suspension. However, they need to do so within thirty (30) days of the date of their arrest. They also need to pay a filing fee of $150.

Your DUI attorney in Atlanta can handle this for them. They’ll make sure the letter is handled properly and filed in time. They’ll also talk to the prosecutor about getting their client a permit to drive to school and work. This won’t be possible if they don’t write their 30-day letter in time.

Contact an Experienced DUI Attorney in Atlanta, Georgia

If you’re a minor and you’ve been charged with DUI in Atlanta, you’ll be facing some pretty serious penalties. Your entire future could be negatively impacted by a DUI conviction. It could affect your ability to get into college. It can even prevent you from being able to have certain careers – such as law or medicine.

An Atlanta DUI attorney can try to get your charges dismissed or reduced. They can ask the prosecutor to change the charges to Minor in Possession. Since there’s a good likelihood that you weren’t actually impaired or drunk at the time of your arrest, this may be an option.

Call Howard & Arca today and schedule your initial consultation with an experienced DUI attorney in Atlanta.

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